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Innovative Cancer Solutions Caribbean Limited, was first conceived in 2015. The mission was to bring cutting edge Cancer Solutions to Trinidad and Tobago, and the wider English speaking Caribbean.

Statistics show that Cancer in all forms is as prevalent in our Trinidad as in the 1st world countries; i.e. the most common cancer in women. The choices we have for radiation treatment as patients are limited, and are not particularly safe and comes with significant side effects.

Caribbean women, diagnosed with Breast Cancer, have limited radiation therapy options .... until now!

We begin our journey, in partnership with XOFT, a subsidiary of iCAD Inc, and we bring to our Caribbean People, XOFT xxent IORT.

XOFT IORT (Intraoperative Radiation Therapy), is an FDA approved treatment for early stage Breast Cancer. IORT is a single dose of radiotherapy delivered at the time of breast conserving cancer surgery.

Please visit our Solutions page, to read all about this amazing technology!

*If you are a patient that has been diagnosed with Early Stage Breast Cancer, your Lumpectomy procedure can be done by any experienced breast surgeon, and they will request the IORT treatment to take place during the surgery.

(At this time surgery must be done at West Shore, as the equipment is stationed there)

We also have surgeons on our team that can do the lumpectomy surgery and IORT, if you have not already consulted with a surgeon.
Please visit the OUR DOCTORS page for a list of surgeons that we work with.
This list will be updated as more surgeons are trained.

1-868-678-7111 or 1-868-280-IORT (4678)

(Please e-mail us with your name and number, and we will contact you to guide you on the way forward)

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