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(Mon-Fri 10 am-4 pm, UTC -4)
1-868-678-7111 or 1-868-280-IORT (4678)

(Please e-mail us with your name and number, and we will contact you to guide you on the way forward)

West Shore Medical Private Hospital, 39 Western Main Road, Cocorite, Trinidad, W.I.

*If you are a patient that has been diagnosed with Early Stage Breast Cancer, your Lumpectomy procedure can be done by any experienced breast surgeon, and they will request the IORT treatment to take place during the surgery.

(At this time surgery must be done at West Shore, as the equipment is stationed there)

We also have surgeons on our team that can do the lumpectomy surgery and IORT, if you have not already consulted with a surgeon.
Please visit the OUR DOCTORS page for a list of surgeons that we work with.
This list will be updated as more surgeons are trained.

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